The Gun Locker SFX Pack

Fascinated Sound is happy to announce the official release of our first sound library!  Check out the preview below to have a listen to The Gun Locker


We’re starting out with a bang (ha! sorry…) and had a blast taking a shot at this collection of killer gun sounds (ok, no more puns…).  Using up to 17 mic sources captured across isolated tracks – including two decca tree configurations, various stereo setups, decay mics, impact mics, etc. – we were able to create a massive arsenal of mixed, mastered and ready-to-use weaponry sounds effects, including gunshots firing, weapons reloading and cycling, handling / foley sounds, and more.

Find the perfect single gun shot, or create an entire battle field of destruction.

The pack features recordings of 13 unique weapons, but the various mic sources allowed us to create multiple ‘flavors’ of each recording which massively expands the size of your weapons cache.  This allows you to find the perfect single gun shot, or create an entire battle field of destruction depending on the needs of your project.

We hope you enjoy using these sounds as much as we enjoyed creating them.  Check out The Gun Locker: SFX Pack for more information.

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